“Half knowledge is always dangerous and the person who has half knowledge cannot be called completely educated.”

So Why not let's get started with the PREROOT who is helping students to get
educated completely by giving the direction to shape their carrier with the
complete and current academic data as per your desired location

With us Students can search their favourite colleges,schools and coaching by paying less than the actual fees if they register themselves by our portal. We can also serve our services for Institutes and coaching centres not only by providing bulk admissions to them but also can promote them through various attractive market strategy because we are mission-driven organization for students benefits which truly believes in presenting facts ,not hype . We connect student’s true intentions and support them to align their choices by establishing a direct connection with colleges as per the searched location. Our mission is to move every student closer to his/her dreams who are seeking to choose the best school, college ,coaching and activity classes for their further studies. We provide the relevant and most current data about the colleges ,schools ,coaching and activity classes with their featured courses according to the client’s desired location within India.


See what our Students are Saying !
Anup Shekhar Sharma

One of the most wonderful things about technology is the way it can be used to supplement your child's education and with the help of preroot we have found the perfect institute for our little one.

Dinesh Dhakad

Found a great institute in nearby location using the preroot website. Thanks for this website for saving my time and effort.

Pankaj Sharma

The team of Preroot is such helpful and professional, they helped me a lot for finding the ideal institute according to my needs, huge thumps up for them.

Siddhartha Singh

What a great work by preroot for creating a platform which can help parents for selecting institutions for their children, way to go Preroot.

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